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We are giving 2021 a bright start by creating B99- Glow string material.

Our first production run is a small batch so we are only offering it in 1/8 lb spools. 

B99-Glow is a higher price due to the high cost of the pigment used to produce it.  We recomend using it as a pinstripe if wanting to reduce costs. 


After being exposed to UV light the string material will create a green glow for 15 to 45min. 


What is in B99?

Pure Dyneema® SK99  fiber + Our Patent Pending Next Gen Coating Technology Tests have found excellent string balance and constructional stability. 


Next Level Coating provides:

-A waxless bowstring

-Improved abrasion performance

- Tight compact string

-Constitutionally stable and balanced string




1/8 lb 




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