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Code Red D-Loop
Code Red D-Loop
Code Red D-Loop

Code Red D-Loop

Why does Code Red D-Loop have a special red core?  It is designed in a way that takes the guessing out of when to replace your D-Loop.  Anytime a red core fiber becomes visible through the jacket material it is a sign that too much wear has taken place on the D-loop outer braid and it should be replaced. 

Where is Code Red D-Loop Manufactured? We have chosen to produce Code Red D-Loop right at the Bloodline factory in Minnesota. This has given us the ability to engineer and develop a premium product. 

What are the Key Features of Code Red D-Loop? Our design objectives were to create a D-Loop material with good wear resistance, easy to melt, and the ability to hold its shape.  



  • Each order includes 3 Sections of Code Red D-Loop, 6 inches Long
  • Diameter = 2.4 mm
  • Red Core Signals Replacement When Visible through the Outer Jacket

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